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Theth whitening

Beautiful white smile is a sign of health, welfare and respectability. That’s why teeth whitening is rather popular today.

We use absolutely new, safe and most effective method of whitening- the Beyond system. The technology is based on activation of whitening gel with a special laser lamp. These gels are safe- they don’t have influence on chemical structure of enamel, they only eliminate pigmentation. That’s why this procedure is safe and is not causing such side effects as hypersensitivity and porosity abuse (more rapid contamination of the surface).

Special lamp activates gel, only one visit is needed to achieve wanted result. The course of whitening depends on the initial color of your teeth. During first visit teeth are 2 shades whiter. Oral hygiene is done before whitening with Air-flow system. Caries and wedge-shaped defects need to be treated before whitening.

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