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Why Parodent
In our medical center staff, is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English. Specialists of the «Parodent» Dental Chain in Ukraine, are closely cooperating with the partner clinics in the USA and Canada. It gives us an opportunity to maintain high standards of the process of treatment. After having your treatment planned by doctors in Canada or USA you will be welcomed in our «Parodent» Dental Chain in Lviv. A pleasant surprise for you: treatment in the «Parodent» Dental Chain is 10 times cheaper than in any partner clinics in Canada or the USA. For example, the price for one dental implant (1-st stage of implantation) is 500$, the same dental implant in Canada or the USA costs 5000$. The same difference in prices is in many other types of dental treatment. Your friends and relatives will be able to have both vacation or business in Ukraine with dental treatment at the same time while saving money.
Our advantages

dentistry-doctors care about the health of your teeth!


patients trust us!


years have been taking care of your smiles!

Why should you get treatment in our «Parodent» Dental Chain? Because we have:

  • we offer all dental services: the treatment of periodont (surgical and non-surgical methods), therapeutic treatment, restoration, teeth whitening, prosthetics (crowns, bridges, removable partial and full dentures), orthodontics (correction of the improper bites (malocclusions) and other abnormalities), oral surgery (includes dental implantation)
  • all manipulations are provided under anesthesia
  • general anesthesia is performed by using anesthetic respiratory apparatus-NEPTUNE. Oxygen concentrators-BIOMED-7F-10
  • we have highly specialized dentists who use the most modern technologies and have the newest equipment
  • each doctor works with a specially trained assistant
  • if necessary every manipulation can be controlled by computer radiovisiography (the dose of radiation is smaller than with the use of renthgenography)
  • the strict control of sanitary norms and sterilization
  • plan of treatment of each patient is developed by all specialists (periodontologist, therapeutist, prosthetist, orthodontist, and surgeon )
  • in early stages of periodontitis complex treatment includes the use of Vector- System, severe cases are treated with surgical methods with the use of osteoplastic materials in order to stimulate the regeneration of own osseous tissue
  • treatment and restoration of teeth are made with modern light-cured materials ( Filtek Supreme XT, Enamel Plus HFO, Charisma)
  • the endodontic treatment of root canals is provided with the help of microscope which help to find and fill additional side root canals; canals are filled with thermoplastic gutta-percha (System-B, Obtura)
  • we provide all kinds of prosthetics: traditional all-porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, all types of partial and full dentures
  • dental implantation (Straumann, Osstem, Сonnect)
We are trusted

Dental clinics "Parodent" offer wide variety of top quality dental services ranging from different kinds of diagnostic methods to complex procedures and surgeries to treat oral cavity disorders.

We are pleased to inform you that Parodent Medical Center has a partner clinic in the United States in Phoenix at: 16080 N 59th Ave, Glendale (Phoenix Metro), Arizona, USA 85306, and Canada in Toronto at : 2318 Lakeshore Blvd., Second Floor, Suite 202, Etobicoke, ON M8V1B5 Our goal is to be closer to Ukrainians, no matter what country they live in.