Treatment of periodontitis with Vector system

Periodontitis – inflammation of gums- it’s a serious disease which leads to the loss of teeth. Effecting soft tissues surrounding teeth, infection also weakens roots. As a result the tooth is lost. Inflammation is accompanied with gum’s swelling, bleeding, pain and bad odor from mouth.

Today we use high technologies in diagnostics and treatment, so periodontitis can be cured on any stage. Of course, it’s better to visit a doctor when first symptoms appear. These symptoms are:

  • Bleeding of gums while, or after brushing
  • Swelling and redness of gums
  • Pain
  • Purulence in “pockets” between teeth
  • Bad odor from mouth

Treatment with Vector system is effective on any stage. This ultrasonic device was developed in Germany. Ultrasonic energy effects oral cavity through the particles of water, it’s work on soft and hard tissues is more gentle. Treatment with Vector allows us without the use of anesthesia to eliminate biofilm and dental deposits. This device can be used also for patients suffering from enamel hypersensitivity.

How does treatment with Vector look like?

While treating periodontitis Vector has a function of a sterilizer. It works in pockets between teeth. Fluid polish is a suspense containing hydroxyapatite. Particles of suspense polish the root surface. They penetrate even in hard-to-reach areas. As a result we have smooth, clean root surfaces and the amount of bacteria decreases, which lead to a rapid heeling.

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