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Therapeutic (preventive) dentistry

There are revolutionary changes in therapeutic dentistry today. Old methods of teeth preparation have been changed, thanks to modern materials, it allows us to save maximum of hard tissue. There are lots of new dental burs of various shapes and sizes for teeth preparation, LED-lamps, and different new instruments to work with light-cured polymers.

Modern dentist has to be not only a doctor, but a sculptor and artist also. That’s why an old word ”filling” is replaced with “esthetic build-up” and “reconstruction”.

Restoration (esthetic build-up) – it is restoration of shape and color. It is performed in cases of hard tissue’s trauma, caries and abnormal abrasion.

Reconstruction – tooth re-building. Used when tooth shape has to be changed.

Various techniques of esthetic build-ups and reconstruction with the use of high-class materials ( Enamel Plus, Filtek Ultimate) give us great results, without prostethics.

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