Caries and it’s complications can be easily diagnosed and treated, at the same time problems with periodont (tissues that surround teeth) are not so easy to cure. Statistics is pretty sad- 95% of adults and 60% of teens and children are suffering from this pathology.

Treatment of periodontitis

Successful treatment of periodontitis has to be complex (therapeutic, surgical and prosthetics), it needs close cooperation between doctor and a patient. For more than 15 years our «Parodent» Dental Chain is working in this field.
Good hygiene of oral cavity is basics in treatment. That’s why hygienic procedures come first- elimination of dental deposits with ultrasonic scalers, Air-flow, special pastes and polishes. We teach our patients how to take a good care of their teeth and gums.
Main danger of periodontitis is it’s asymptomatical development. Bleeding starts later, in acute phase. It’s better to start treatment before symptoms appear, it has to be based on x-ray examination.
Complex treatment includes not only elimination of dental deposits and granulous tissues (those which cause destruction in periodont), but guided tissue regeneration with the use of osteoplastic materials as well. Surgeries like vestibuloplastics, frenectomy and crown lengthening are performed also.

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