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One of the main factors contributing to the quality of dental work is profound anesthesia. Inspite of variety of local anesthetics used presently for dental work, lately the general sedation of different levels (including narcosis) is gaining popularity in dentistry. Our clinic hires experienced anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists to perform and monitor sedation while the dental work is being done, and to observe the patients during the recovery after the procedure. Sedation of different levels is recommended to patients with comorbidities, allergies, strong gag reflex, dental phobia, or inability to effectively utilize local anesthesia. General sedation is a good choice for a complex or time consuming work in the oral cavity, large amount of work needed to be done at once, complex multiple extractions, and for everybody with dental phobias or post traumatic stress after previous bad experience with dental work. Children’s dentistry for young or uncooperative children, or juvenile special needs patients is performed practically solely under general sedation. Our clinic has state of the art respiratory units for general anesthesia( sedation, narcosis), which allows the anesthesiologist to monitor the vital functions during and after the sedation, contemporary medications for sedation and emergencies, and post-operative (recovery) rooms. Dental work performed under general sedation does not leave any negative memories or emotions for the patient. Constant monitoring of the vital functions by the anesthesiology team helps timely prevent complications. Contemporary sedation drugs are safe, easy to manage, and are quickly metabolized by the body. Patients wake up and recover from the anesthesia quickly, can leave dental office on their own and safely go home. The emotional state of the patient after dental treatment utilizing different levels of sedation including general anesthesia is more positive than it would have been without the use of sedation. In conclusion, the dental treatment performed under general sedation where indicated is comfortable, modern, and safe.

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