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Children Dentistry

Children’s treatment occupies a special place in our «Parodent» Dental Chain. Not only is it important for a child to have strong and healthy teeth, but it’s also necessary for a little patient not to be afraid of the doctor. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to establishing contact between the doctor and the child to help him or her to overcome the fear of visiting the dentist’s. We also teach parents and children, motivating them, and demonstrating dental care basics.

The children’s dentist is specially trained and educated, he’s narrowly specialized in this branch. First, he examines the oral cavity showing the little patient and his or her parents all the existing problems and then provides the necessary treatment.

Some parents think that there will be no problems after their children’s primary teeth have fallen out. It’s a big mistake. Medical researches show that the overall condition of the organism depends on the condition of the oral cavity. Inflammation, caries, and other problems cause the release of toxins that go straight to the bloodstream. That’s why the most important organs can be damaged-, namely the heart, the liver, kidneys. To avoid this you have to consult the doctor.

New methods of treatment, modern equipment and materials, and an individual approach to every single patient make the visit pretty comfortable. We recommend covering primary teeth with the F and Ca-containing polishes 2-3 times a year to prevent caries development.

We use a new method of treatment using Ozone as well as the traditional one- the preparation and filing of the cavity. If caries occur, Heel-Ozone stops it from spreading.

Also, primary teeth can be covered with silver.

After the 1st molar erupts, the hermetization of fissurs is provided as a prophylaxis of caries.

If the child is really scared of the dentist, has serious mental disorders or severe health problems, or is under 3 years old and there is no way to build a fully functional relationship with him/her, it’s possible to provide all manipulations under narcosis (this type of general anesthesia is called sedation and is provided by an anesthesiologist). The duration of the procedure is 1-1,5 hours.

At the end of the treatment, each patient who behaved well receives a small gift.

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